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About Me

I am a union and community activist with varied interests. These include: Politics, Social Justice,  Canadian literature, the Opera, Theatre, photography, golf (when it is not too serious), and walking the sea wall (when it is not raining too hard).

In the fall of 2007 I suddenly lost my partner and the Love of my Life – Barb Brown.  Included in her legacy to me are many fond memories, a wonderful family, and some very special friendships, and some of the more refined interests noted above.

As an avid reader and CBC fan – I have yet to pick the winner on CBC’s “Canada Reads”. But I have found winners in the books nominated. One of my favorites is “Rock Bound” by Frank Parker Day – I recommend clearing your schedule before starting to read it. Since one of my two Bengal cats is named Rebus, some of you will rightly assume I am an Ian Rankin fan. My other cat is named Theo (short for Theophilus, which was the name of a character on the series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century). So in spite of my passion for Can Lit, I also enjoy good  movies, mysteries, historical fiction, science fiction, and even non-fiction. In the non-fiction category; the Golden Spruce is one of my favorites, and is so well written that it was like reading a novel.  Unfortunately my favourite bookseller Duthie Books closed at the end of February 2010.

I am currently enjoying semi-retirement, which allows me to spend more time with my three grown up kids (who are my partners in AMM First Services Ltd), and work with the wonderful folks at Pacific Blue Cross. It also allows me more time to for travel, and golf (which I still find to be a most humbling exercise).