The redesign of my website allowed for the creation of  ‘Mike’s Communities Blog’ . I hope you will find it of interest.

My communities encompasses where I live ( Vancouver and it’s West End), as well as familial, social, and activist communities. However my main focus will be on community politics – Vancouver’s civic governments and democratic institutions. These include our Park Board, Library Board, School Board, City Council, Metro Vancouver Board, and Translink (although thanks to our Provincial Liberal government, Translink is no longer a democratic institution).

Since these bodies were established to provide democratic stewardship of the works and/or services which are essential to our quality of life, I believe that we as citizens must keep our political representatives as accountable as possible between as well as during elections. To that end, I think it is important to know a bit about these institutions and how they operate.  So I will try to highlight one of these institutions in each of my first six postings. I also welcome your comments on these and other posts.

The Vancouver Park Board is responsible for maintaining our parks and recreational facilities as well as providing services and programs to our diverse communities across the city.It has been in existence since 1886, and is one of the only elected bodies of its kind in Canada. While we are fortunate to have a democratically elected park board in Vancouver, it is incumbent upon us to hold the Commissioners accountable between the elections which take place every three years. Meeting times and agendas can be found at: