The Vancouver Public Library (VPL) has evolved from its humble beginnings as a Literary Institute and library for mill workers in a meeting room, and then reading room at the “Y” in the 1800’s, into the third largest public library system in Canada.  A library system that host exceptional collections, services and technologies at its 22 branches located in communities throughout the city, as well as an extensive virtual library.

As one of the more than 370,000 VPL card holders I am grateful to the women, and men as well as organizations that helped to make our library system what it is today.  Some of these are recognized on the VPL website – and on plaques in the main library and branches. There are of course many others that contributed anonymously, or in ways that aren’t always recognized. I count among these our dedicated library staff and library board members.

Although I don’t always agree with decisions our Library Board makes, I appreciate the respectful way they receive delegations and allow individuals to comment on issues before they are decided.

VPL Board meetings are held monthly and members of the public and delegations are welcome to attend. You and may also speak at a VPL Board or Committee meeting if you follow the procedures set out at: The VPL Board agendas can be accessed at:

lighthouse “Books are lighthouses erected in the great sea of time”

–  E.P. Whipple