This weekend I was shocked to learn that Ikea had locked out its workers at your Richmond BC store.  Almost all of my furniture (like the many bookcases in the attached photo) has been purchased at Ikea, and I have always suggested Ikea as a great place to shop to my family and friends, unlike Wal-Mart, which I urge them to Boycott.

While my recommendation of Ikea is based in part on their quality of goods and pricing, it has also been based on Ikea’s ethical behavior in terms of environmental sustainability, corporate policies, and labour practices.

Ikea’s decision to lockout its employees in Richmond is clearly at odds with good labour relations practices and tarnishes its ethical reputation. Until the lockout is lifted and a fair contact is in place for its employees, I will be boycotting Ikea and encouraging family and friends to do likewise.  Ikea bookshelves