I just finished reading “Olive Odyssey” – “Searching for the Secrets of the Fruit That Seduced The World” by Julie Angus. I feel compelled to review it in part because it was such a great read, and a book that I might never had read in spite of my love for Olives and Olive Oil. Like many of the great non-fiction books I read, this was another delightful birthday gift from my in-laws Lois and Dave Brown.

“Olive Oddessey” is a very very well researched and informative book about Olives and Olive oil from thier earliest history to modern day cutting edge DNA science, medicine, business, scams, politics and religion. What makes it a truly great read however is the way this information is presented in a narrative that is part Mediteranian travelogue, and adventure story. July Angus is a Victoria writer who was inspired by a previous visit to Syria, where she visited family who owned an Olive Farm.