Vancouver 2014 Civic Election Affirms Need for Electoral Reform

Initial Reaction to Results My initial reaction to the election results is that they could have been better, but then they could have been much worse. Of course, as a member of OneCity I was very disappointed that RJ Aquino did not get elected. I was also disappointed...

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IKEA Lockout Shocking

This weekend I was shocked to learn that Ikea had locked out its workers at your Richmond BC store.  Almost all of my furniture (like the many bookcases in the attached photo) has been purchased at Ikea, and I have always suggested Ikea as a great place to shop to my...

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US Election Thoughts

I wish I could be as confident that Obama will re-elected as Stephen Buckley is today in his “America Slides into the Abyss” Post on Over the course of this election I have gained...

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