DOWNLOAD ENTRY FORM HERE Entry Form revised v 10

League Format and Rules

  1. Each team shall consist of 2-5 players. Team may add or replace players with committee approval.
  2. There will be two divisions – Recreation (pairs combined  U 1000), Competitive –Open
  3. Depending on entries, Divisions may be combined for Match play. But ranked separately.
  4. Unrated Players shall be assigned a rating by the League committee based on skill level.
  5. Team Matches will consist of 4 singles and 1 doubles match for a total of 5 Matches.
  6. Before each team match, the captain of each team shall select 2 players and designate them as players A, B, or X, Y, as determined by a draw.
  7. The playing order shall be
    1. A vs X
    2. B vs Y
    3. Doubles match (played by any 2 players from the team)
    4. A vs Y
    5. B vs X
  8. Teams will play best 3 out of 5 games to 11 rally points (win by two points).
  9. The team that wins 3 of the 5 matches shall win the team match.
  10. Rules are based on International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) rules.
  11.  Non- white clothing to be worn during matches
  12.    Appropriate footwear  -Court shoes with non-marking soles
  13. Players may be required to  umpire their own matches

ENTRY FEE $50 per Team

Regular Drop-in Fee of $7 for NSTTCS Members or $10 for non-members applies on Match day. The NSTTCS annual membership Fee is $30 – Non-voting or $40 – voting.

 Note – Although this is a non-sanctioned league, it is modeled on those sanctioned by Table Tennis Canada and the BC Table Tennis Association, all players who are not members of the BCTTA will be encouraged to become one.  Their Membership fee for non-voting members is $20 or for voting member $30 per year.  Before the end of the first season a meeting will be held with team captains to discuss transitioning to sanctioned league at the start of the second season.